A Badly Compromised Tooth Might Require Extraction

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Oral trauma and untreated tooth decay can range in severity and necessary treatment. Sometimes emergency endodontic therapy can remove the tooth’s affected enamel layer and restore sufficient structure to secure a dental crown restoration.

However, some patients suffer from a tooth that is so severely compromised that endodontic treatments simply cannot save the affected tooth. In a rare case like this, Dr. Ralph Hoffman and our team at Prosthodontics of the Carolinas might advocate a total extraction.

This treatment of last resort calls for removing whatever remains of the root of the tooth and suturing the gums. Afterward, you will be provided with any necessary prescriptions for pain or antibiotic medications. Dr. Hoffmann will help you understand any other aftercare measures to minimize your chances of suffering an infection or other complications.

Once all the affected gums and surrounding soft oral tissues have fully healed, we can help you understand your dental restoration options. These might include installing a dental bridge over the void or starting the dental implant restoration process.

If you are in the area surrounding Charlotte, North Carolina, and you are suffering from a badly decayed or traumatized tooth, you should call 704-364-3770 to seek treatment with Dr. Hoffman and the staff at Prosthodontics of the Carolinas.