A Dental Filling Can Help Prevent Further Tooth Decay Complications

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Problems with maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine can cause an acidic environment to develop in your mouth. If plaque acid buildup isn’t neutralized and further prevented it can cause a cavity to develop on a tooth’s enamel layer.

Without professional treatment, the area of tooth decay can continue to spread. In time, it could allow a bacterial presence to develop in the dentin, pulp, or root of the tooth. This could eventually lead to the loss of the tooth or a potentially dangerous dental abscess forming in the underlying periodontal tissues.

With early detection, Dr. Hoffmann and the dental care specialists at Prosthodontics of the Carolinas might be able to treat a minor cavity with a dental filling.

This treatment process calls for removing any affected and compromised tooth enamel to create a surface that is optimal for bonding or cementing the dental filling material. The specific substance used will vary depending on the location of the original tooth decay and its visibility in your smile.

Most dental fillings are made from either composite resin, amalgam, gold, or dental grade porcelain. Once it has been installed the repaired tooth will function like normal for many years to come.

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