Bone Atrophy Can Affect the Way Your Dentures Fit

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Dentures are meant to replace teeth lost to chronic periodontal disease and long-term issues with tooth decay. When Dr. Ralph Hoffmann first fit you for your dentures, they took a detailed impression of the underlying gum structure. This served as a guide for the professional dental lab technician that custom crafted the dental appliance. The end product was a set of dentures that fit tightly in place.

As time goes on, the lack of direct stimulation that was once provided by the relationship between the teeth and the underlying bone structure can cause alterations in the way the dentures fit. At first you might be able to compensate for this bone atrophy by applying excess denture adhesive.

Unfortunately, most situations of bone atrophy are progressive as the body slowly reabsorbs the mineral content of the original bone structure.

Here at Prosthodontics of the Carolinas, our dental restoration specialists can help restore the secure fit of your dentures with dental implants. This involves inserting four to six titanium dental abutments into the underlying bone structure.

These will correspond to a new set of dentures and locking hardware that will hold the dental appliance in place with the firm support you need for a fully functional mouth.

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area and you suspect bone atrophy is causing your dentures to fit improperly, you should call 704-364-3770 to schedule a consultation with Prosthodontics of the Carolinas.