Dental Sealants Help to Keep Tooth Decay at Bay

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When it comes to creating a healthy, beautiful smile, it is vital to protect the teeth you have. Dr. Ralph Hoffmann of Ralph M Hoffmann DMD PA is pleased to offer dental sealants to protect your smile in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating which is typically placed on your molars and premolars to keep food particles and oral bacteria from lodging in the grooves of your teeth. Without sealants, this debris can become trapped in the grooves allowing tooth decay to gain a foothold. With dental sealants, you can rest assured that your back teeth are protected.

Our prosthodontist, Dr. Ralph Hoffmann, will most often apply the sealants after a routine dental cleaning to ensure that the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. The process is simple, easy, and painless.

First, your teeth will be deep cleaned and dried. Next, an absorbent shield will be placed around them to keep moisture out. Then the molar enamel will be roughened with a special solution to help the sealant bond to the surfaces. After this step, Dr. Ralph Hoffmann will rinse and dry the teeth. Finally, the sealants will be painted onto the surfaces and hardened with a special light.

With the help of dental sealants, your back teeth will continue to do their job of chewing without the danger of cavities developing from hidden decay. If you would like to know more about our prosthodontic services or need to schedule a visit, please call 704-364-3770 today and let us help you build your healthy, beautiful smile!