Don’t like Floss? Use a Water Flosser Instead

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t floss on a regular basis. While Dr. Ralph Hoffmann recommends you floss just once daily to help maintain your oral health, many patients still find keeping that routine up a difficult endeavor.

A lot of people don’t floss because they don’t like it. At first, until your gums get used to it, it’s a bit uncomfortable and takes time to floss effectively until you get better at it. If you’re really averse to flossing, then you should consider the next-best thing: water flossers.

What are they?

Water flossers are exactly what they sound like – appliances that shoot water through a narrow tube to flush food and debris from between your teeth, as well as cleaning areas of your mouth that are hard or impossible to clean fully with your brush.

How effective are they?

This is where you do see a discrepancy between water flossers and regular floss. Water flossers are great at helping you clean other areas of your mouth and make sure there’s no food or debris stuck between your teeth. However, they can’t remove plaque. Regular floss physically wipes the plaque away, while a water flosser only rinses the area and doesn’t provide enough pressure to remove plaque. So if you have problems with excessive plaque buildup, you should look into becoming familiar with regular flossing.

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