Good Oral Hygiene Habits Can Help Maintain Your Dental Bridge

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Here at Prosthodontics of the Carolinas, we provide our patients with a wide range of dental care and restorative treatment services. Our scope of care includes dental restorations to replicate a missing or severely compromised tooth.

In many of these cases a patient who has lost a tooth to severe dental trauma or untreated tooth decay will choose a dental bridge restoration. Including this sophisticated dental work in your oral hygiene routine will help preserve the dental bridge as well as the general health of the surrounding gums.

Some patients with a dental bridge struggle to thoroughly brush and floss the contours and spaces near the gumline. If you feel this way Dr. Hoffman might recommend adding a few simple oral care tools to your oral hygiene routine.

An interproximal brush or interdental brush can help brush tight spaces. Some people also find them handy for helping to work a strand of dental floss into the area near the gumline. At the same time a basic floss threader that uses nylon dental floss can also help insert the strand in place.

Oral water flosser devices are also popular with some patients. The concentrated stream of water they produce can help clear away food particles and bacterial deposits that become trapped near the gumline.

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