The term “prostho” means replacement and “dontic” means dealing with the teeth. Essentially, prosthodontists are THE recognized experts when anything needs to be replaced in your mouth. This can range from a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth and supporting structures in the mouth. Prosthodontists are the specialists dedicated to this type of care. Extended needs relative to prosthetic replacement of maxillofacial structures (head and neck) are also offered within this specialty.

Additional training for prosthodontists is earned through a university or hospital-based advanced education program accredited by the American Dental Association. It is a full-time, three-year commitment. This specialty education provides knowledge and skills beyond the training of general dentists and includes advanced-level courses, clinical and laboratory experience, patient care and research.

Prosthodontists also understand patients’ unique needs such as:

  • Dental Implants and their use and healthy maintenance
  • Maxillofacial (head and neck) prosthetic procedures such as cancer and trauma
  • reconstruction and the necessary continuing care
  • TMD, TMJ or other jaw joint problems
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Cleft palate and other congenital conditions that effect the mouth
  • Xerostomia, or mouth dryness, in association with medications, age onset, or auto-immune disorders
  • Atrophy and difficulty wearing dentures
  • Attrition, the worn dentition with tooth wear exhibiting pain and breakage
  • The oral effects of bulimia and other eating disorders
  • Esthetic demands

Why Board Certification?

Board Certification is the highest professional level of demonstrated achieved learning as overseen by that discipline’s governing board. It demonstrates knowledge, proficiency, and dedication. All partners within Prosthodontics of the Carolinas will be Board Certified and be a Fellow in the American College of Prosthodontists (F.A.C.P.). All associates and employees will be working toward their respective professional pinnacle. This is to ensure the highest level of professional care provided by qualified individuals at all levels.

To learn more about prosthodontics in Charlotte, North Carolina, we encourage you to contact our office today. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need!