When your teeth need regular cleaning, if you need a cavity filled, or if your smile just isn’t the brightest, you may visit your regular dentist. However, if your need a tooth replaced or you need oral surgery, a prosthodontist is your best bet.

There are many differences between a prosthodontist and general dentist, but the biggest difference is that the former deals with replacing or extracting teeth—essentially anything that needs to be replaced in your mouth. Prosthetic replacement of maxillofacial structures (head and neck) are also offered. A general dentist takes care of fixing the teeth and ensuring they stay healthy. Some other differences include:

  • Prosthodontists receive additional training from institutions accredited by the American Dental Association, which provides skills and knowledge that a regular dentist isn’t required to pursue.
  • Complex dental cases, such as jaw surgery, dentures and implants, or anything with gums, are usually relegated to the expertise of a prosthodontist to ensure proper care is taken.
  • Prosthodontists also offer veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and more.
  • To be recognized by the ADA (American Dental Association), prosthodontists complete a particular training course, certified under the ADA.

In addition to these differences, our office stands out even more with our in-office lab. This teams that we can take care of denture adjustments and the creation of replacement teeth right here in our office, making your treatment time shorter and more efficient. For more information on how Prosthodontics of the Carolinas can help with your prosthodontic care in Charlotte, North Carolina, please contact Dr. Ralph Hoffmann or Dr. Robert Klink at 704-364-3770. We are eager to help you today!