Our Esthetic Dental Services Can Help Improve Your Smile

Your front teeth play an important role in your basic oral function by allowing you to bite off food into pieces that can be easily chewed. These teeth are also represented when you smile and make certain facial expressions. When one or more teeth in the front of your smile are affected by a physical defect or cosmetic imperfection, it... read more »

A Bone Graft Might Be Needed in Advance of a Dental Restoration Treatment

Dental trauma and severe tooth decay can sometimes result in the total loss of a tooth. When this happens the empty void can hamper your ability to chew food efficiently. In time it could also lead to alignment issues with the neighboring teeth. Many people suffering from tooth loss in Charlotte, North Carolina area will turn to Prosthodontists of the... read more »

Prosthodontists Provide Specialist Dental Care

The average person might not be aware of the difference between a general dentist and a prosthodontist. General dentists receive significant training in the preventive dental care and the treatment of many dental health conditions. This includes dental exams and dental cleanings. A prosthodontist receives this same level of education. But they go on to earn additional accreditation through continuing... read more »